Corporate and Social Responsibility

Petroceltic places key emphasis on its environmental credentials, as well as its corporate and social responsibility. This has been evidenced through a consistent social presence in all our licences.


The Stoyan Kambarev Art Foundation: 2017

Petroceltic was pleased to support the inaugural charity ball for The Stoyan Kambarev Art Foundation in June 2017, an event which brought together some of the most prominent figures from the world of art, politics and business. Petroceltic aims to continue supporting the nurturing of Bulgarian talent in future endeavours.

The mission of The Art Foundation Stoyan Kambarev, under the patronage of HRH Prince Kyril of Bulgaria, is to encourage and support young artists in the arts, music and film industries by annually awarding a prize that has established itself as the most anticipated and prestigious award of its type in Bulgaria. The foundation provides financial, professional and moral support to allow young artists to accomplish their work by producing and promoting their specific projects.


Salam Madian School, West Dikirnis: 2009

Working alongside the local community, Petroceltic aided the building of a public school, launched in August 2011, currently hosting 386 students per academic year. In 2014, the Company provided a further computer lab to the school.

Renovation of the Al Azhar Institution: 2013

A project aimed at funding the overall renovation of the Azhar Institution in Shirinkash, in which all the renovation and equipment was completed through local workshops, using local workers. Improvements included the establishment of playgrounds, full refurbishment of classes, paving of roads and covering up the canal in front of the school. These elements have created a more positive learning environment for teachers and 360 annual students to interact and grow.

Shirinkash Medical Centre: 2013

The Company expanded a local medical centre by providing medical equipment and information technology, helping to deliver a better quality of healthcare. All students attending the Al Azhar Institution remain entitled to 50% discount in all the medical centre services. A total number of 5083 cases were treated during 2014. The provision of medical equipment was continued in 2015 as Petroceltic remained active supporters of the centre.

Mershak Mosque renovation: 2015

As was requested by the local community, the Company renovated a mosque near West Dikirnis Gas Injection plant, ensuring that all renovation and equipment was completed through the local businesses and workers. The opening ceremony was held on Friday March 6th, 2015.

Misr El Kheir (MEK) Microfinance programme: 2015 – 2016

Following a review of Social Responsibility strategy in Egypt, the Company recommended implementing a microfinance programme in two villages near the main South Batra plant facilities, aiming to reduce unemployment through the establishment of small and medium enterprises. These have provided jobs and training for young people and women breadwinners, improving the standard of living of the beneficiary families.

The initial phase of the programme comprised a community-based study to identify the needs of the communities, followed by an application and selection process. The subsequent implementation phase during 2015 saw the allocation of resources to establish the projects and the provision of professional assistance to the business.

Sherenkash Village school projects: 2015

The renovation of two schools (Amr Ibn Al-Aas and Abdel Rahman Kamel) located in the vicinity of our factory in South Batra.

Following a meeting between Mansoura Petroleum CSR Committee and the two schools’ Head teachers the necessary requirements were reached, including: renovating the 14-classroom site, Laboratory, sports facilities, computer laboratory, paving and décor inside and outside of the School. room – Head of the school room, the Lab room, Computer lab, sports playground, paving the road to the school, painting all the school’s walls from inside and outside and renovating the school power room. This established a healthy working environment on site and helped establish a strong relationship between the Company and community.